Try Blackjack Before Playing With Money

For some beginners, nerves can take over when first experimenting with gambling with real money. If this is the case, it is advisable to first try playing free blackjack to hone your skills and develop your instinct.

Free Blackjack

There are a few ways to access free blackjack games. At, you are offered a Flash-free environment after registering for an account. From this, you can practice blackjack or free, and there are even some chances to win real prizes if your skill improves! There are also other areas where you can choose to search for free games to prepare you for real playing. Be sure to find a reputable site and to use the time wisely; learn the game so when it comes time for real betting, you will have developed your own strategy.

Basic Rules

There are some basic rules to follow to increase your chance of winning in blackjack. Your goal is to get your points as close to 21 as you can without going over; if you tie with the house, no one wins and your bet is returned. You need to beat the dealer without going over, or busting, the limit of 21. Before you are given cards, you must bet; two cards are dealt face up and the dealer has one up and one down. If the dealers face up card is an Ace, he will offer you insurance where you bet an amount of money that you get back if his hidden card completes a blackjack. This is usually an unwise bet as less than one third of the cards have a value of 10.

As time goes on, you will develop your own strategy and instinct regarding blackjack play. Use available free software to develop these skills at no risk. When you are ready, you can then hit real tables and try your strategies out!