Winning Blackjack Tournaments

Online blackjack tournaments are a fun and exciting way to enjoy this casino classic. Blackjack tournaments are very similar to traditional blackjack, but understanding the differences can help you develop a winning tournament strategy.

Blackjack Tournament Basics

Just like regular blackjack, the object of each tournament hand is to have a hand total that is closer to 21 than the dealer's without going over. In blackjack tournaments, individuals are playing against each other rather than the dealer and the winner is the player with the largest winnings after the hands are completed. Players are dealt two cards, the first face down and the other face up.

How to Play

After the initial two cards are dealt, game play continues in an online blackjack tournament in the same way as a regular hand of blackjack. Face cards have a value of 10 and other cards are counted at their value. Holding an ace can be a great advantage, as it can count as 11 or as one, depending on the value of the other card. Based on the hand total, you can choose to hit, or take another card, or stand at the current hand.

Blackjack Tournament Strategies

The best way to win online blackjack tournaments is to use the same strategies that apply to regular blackjack hands to win as many chips as possible. Follow the same guidelines to decide when to hit and when to stand to maximize your chances of winning. Also be sure to review the blackjack tournament rules before signing up to play. The rules may vary depending on the online casino as well as the individual tournament.

Even novice blackjack players can win an online blackjack tournament as long as they take the time to review the tournament rules and understand the basics of playing blackjack.