Play Blackjack Lucky Ladies

Lucky Ladies is a side bet that is placed during certain blackjack games and pays players a bonus based upon their first two dealt cards. In order to qualify for the Lucky Ladies side bet, players must first place a wager on the standard blackjack hand.

How to Place a Bet

In order to place the Lucky Ladies side bet, players will first wager on the hand of blackjack itself before placing a $1.00 minimum bet in the designated circle. Of course, the minimum and maximum bets will be dictated by the casino and the particular table at which the player is seated. After the bet has been placed, the dealer will proceed through the game by providing each player with two cards. Once this has been completed, any Lucky Lady winners are promptly paid out.

Winning the Bet

The Lucky Lady bet is actually quite easy to understand and it was based upon several observations throughout the course of normal gameplay. In short, if a player's first two cards total 20--and the Ace can be counted as 11 or one--the player wins the bet. If not, the player loses the Lucky Lady wager but may continue with the hand as usual.

Payout Table

Like many other forms of side bets, there is a specific table for Lucky Lady. On a $1.00 side bet, a player with two cards totaling 20 would be paid out $4.00. If the cards total 20 and are of the same suit, the player would be paid $9.00. If both of the cards are of the same value and suit and equal 20, the player wins $19.00. If the first two cards are both the Queen of Hearts, the player wins $125.00. Finally, if the player's first two cards are both the Queen of Hearts and the dealer possesses a natural blackjack, the player is paid a whopping $1,000 on the side bet alone.

As is evident, the Lucky Lady side bet is certainly a great way to raise the stakes a bit and take a chance at winning some significant cash prizes. Though it is nothing more than luck, many players have found themselves hundreds or thousands of dollars richer.