Online Bingo History

Online bingo history dates back to the 1500s, when the first bingo game was introduced. Bingo began for the first time in Italy. During that time there was a national lottery that was circulated all over Italy, and was known as 'Lo Guioco del Lotto D Italia.' It was a very popular lottery amongst the citizens, although the game of lottery was strictly disapproved by Catholic Church.

By the year 1778, bingo lottery came to France and earned equal enthusiasm despite the disapproval of church. With two opposing thoughts and sentiments, the popularity of bingo started to rise in the 1800s, and bingo lotteries speeded over Europe. During the same period, the classic Lotto was also established and later on it went online to create online bingo history of today.

Soon in the 1920s, bingo reached America and also took on its flavor. The game was then named Beano, as the players involved in the game used lima beans or pinto for marking the cards. This early form of the modern bingo was played using some specially numbered discs that were randomly taken out of a cigar box that formed 'calling' aspects of this game. The popularity of this game started spreading all over the country and this tool hold in the rural areas as ell where anti-gambling measures were pronounced very frequently.

Bingo is now played all over the world, and the online bingo history has certainly taken a toll. Online bingo history suggests that bingo is possibly one of the most widely played games in the world that cannot be compared to poker to any other game. The online platform of bingo has accentuated the spirit of playing this game. There are more than 10,000 online bingo games being played all over the world, every week. Each and every country has special arrangement for online bingo casinos and the game has now become a special phenomenon with some tournaments also being held from time to time. Online bingo history suggests that the prizes for bingo games have also increased over the time, and people now have greater access to different games being played online.