American and European Blackjack

While they are fairly consistent, the rules of blackjack are not the exact same at every casino. Depending on the region in which the game is played, blackjack card rules may differ with regards to the hole card. Whether the casino is in America or in Europe, dealers may be required to react very differently with the same hand, and this can greatly affect the choices a player should make.

The Hole Card

Both European and American blackjack online have the same basic rules: the player wants to get closer to 21 than the dealer without going bust. The player receives two cards and makes bets accordingly. The difference in the games is when the dealer gets his two cards. In American blackjack, the dealer gets two cards at the same time; one is dealt face up, and the face down one is called the hole card. In European blackjack, the dealer gets no hole card until after the player has received all of his or her cards and finished playing.

Changing of the Odds

Many players have a preference for which type of blackjack card rules they play under. For instance, some people may have superstitions about the effects the order of the cards has on game play. While the difference in the games is only a single card at a time, some players of European blackjack believe that playing their hand right will then influence the hand that the dealer receives. The differences may have some small impact on a player's game, but largely the preference for American or European blackjack is simply a matter of personal taste.

Whether a player wants to bet on that hole card or not, they can find both types of blackjack as well as slots and other gambling games online . Players should try their hand at both versions of the game to see where their preference lies, and whether the hole card affects their strategies.