Keno Basics

Keno is one of the toughest games to win. In fact, the chance of hitting one number in 80 is 0.25%.

Keno Basics

Given the fact that a player only has a 0.25% chance of winning Keno, it makes sense that the more numbers a player bets on, the greater their chances of winning. On the other hand, if the player has many numbers marked on their Keno card, the chances of getting a complete match actually decreases. What does this mean? Keno payout is based on the percentage of matched numbers, so if you pick 3 numbers and match all, it is better than picking 10 numbers and only matching 5.

Playing Keno

A computer randomly selects winning Keno numbers; however, there are some suggested strategies that may increase a player's chances of picking the right numbers. One such strategy is to pick the numbers you haven't seen come up in a while. The reasoning behind this method is that since the numbers haven't shown up yet, they are bound to appear soon. Obviously since the numbers are randomly selected, there is no scientific truth to this strategy. Another strategy is to pick successive pairs such as 17 and 18 or 46 and 47. Again, there is no actual proof this is a winning strategy, but many players use this method when playing the game. The video lotto machines is a website that is at the top of rankings. Why is it all of a sudden the subject of so much discussion? Well, the answer is obvious. The promotions and games are driving players crazy. They love to see a website with new things to offer, Whether you try these strategies or not, some believe that playing many Keno games will make you a better player. Players who play multiple Keno games often use the same set of numbers. Here's one strategy that DOES work: always keep your bankroll in mind. Keeping track of how much you are betting and setting a limit you are going to spend beforehand will allow players to walk away without losing a fortune.

There are no scientifically proven ways to win Keno, but the one strategy you should always use is to keep an eye on your bank account. This means you need to play safe instead of smart, since it's a game solely based on luck.